Sunday, March 23, 2008

Review: The Shack

It's Easter Sunday, so a review of a religious book seems in order. The Shack by William P. Young is a novel about a father who, devastated by the death of his daughter, spends a weekend with God (literally) and re-learns about God's love. The theology didn't strike me as radical, but the presentation really shakes things up and gets you thinking.

Interestingly enough, this book was No. 9 on Powell's Book's local best sellers shelf when I was poking around there on Friday. That may have more to do with Young being an Oregonian than the subject matter. 


Troutbirder II

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  1. Since I wrote this review, I have gathered that the popularity of this book at Powell's may have something to do with the author being a local guy (he gives a lot of reading and talks locally), but also because the book has become a phenomenal success.

    After having to self-publish the book to start with, it has now been grabbed up by a major publisher and is a huge best seller. That is great.


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