Monday, July 23, 2018

Mailbox Monday: Assigned to Adventure by Irene Corbally Kuhn

What books came into your house last week? I got a new edition of a memoir originally published in 1938.

Assigned to Adventure by Irene Corbally Kuhn. Irene Kuhn was an American writer who worked as a journalist in Paris, Shanghai, and Hawaii; a Hollywood script writer; an executive and broadcaster for NBC; a New York columnist; and a contributor to Gourmet magazine. She published her memoirs in 1938.

This new edition includes a forward by Kuhn's granddaughter, Dr. Heather Corbally Bryant, who has written a companion novel based on her grandmother called You Can't Wrap Fire in Paper.

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  1. To have been a female journalist back in the 1930s, must have been some achievement and I can imagine, that whilst this book probably isn't one for me, it is going to be ultra interesting to read.

    I like the way that Heather's book is an exact replica cover image of her grandmothers and I wonder if you are hoping to read this one also?

    It would be good to know what you think about the stories of these two remarkable women.

    Have a good week :)


  2. This sure looks interesting. Hope you enjoy it a lot. Happy Reading!

  3. ENJOY!!

    Sounds very interesting!!


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