Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Booker Prize: 2014 Winner

The 2014 Booker Prize went to Richard Flanagan for The Narrow Road to the Deep North, a “magnificent novel of love and war” that tells the agonizing story of prisoners and captors on the Burma railway in WWII.

This is the first year the prize was opened up to Americans. The Booker has traditionally been awarded for novels by British, Irish, and Commonwealth authors published in the UK.  Then they added a biennial "international" prize for any book written in English.  That one would cover American authors and seems enough to me.  I really don't like that they opened the regular Booker prize to Americans. We already have the Pulitzer and the National, we don't need to horn in on Britain's big prize.

But I guess it's not an issue this year, since the prize went to an Australian author.

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