Friday, January 11, 2013

Book Beginnings: When Priests Become Predators

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The sad exposition of the struggle for justice against the Roman Catholic Church in Delaware begins with the funeral of Douglas McClure, who was the nicest person I have ever known.

-- When Priests Become Predators: Profiles of Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors by Thomas S. Neuberger.

This isn't light reading, but it is an honest and sadly fascinating study of the effects of childhood sexual abuse as well as the history of abuse within the Catholic Church. Neuberger used sworn testimony from jury trials and court documents to tell the stories of several abuse survivors.

I work with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  So often, the most important step in their healing is just to be able to tell their story.  Neuberger's book recognizes the power of coming forward and letting go of the shame so many victims have carried since they were kids. 


  1. I don't know what happened but the second one is the right link :P

  2. You are reading a very hard book :o

  3. Not light at all. Opposite of what I'm reading...subject-wise.

    But it does sound very interesting nonetheless. Hope it's good.

  4. Oh, I'm eager to learn more...I'll be watching for your review!

  5. This one sounds like a very hard book to read. I was raised a Roman Catholic and am so disappointed that this abuse has happened.

  6. That is so sad.

  7. Interesting choice!
    It does sound like a rather heavy topic but with the potential for a cathartic release or two :)
    New participant and new follower! Feel free to hop on over if you'd like to my Book Beginnings


  8. Hi Gilion,

    A very hard to read book, I should think.

    We are still in the midst of similar investigations, concerning the allegations of abuse within the Catholic Church and involving other individual named members of the clergy, here in the UK.

    I can only admire you, for the work you do invloving survivors of such abuse, who are brave enough to come forward, often years later. It must be a very harrowing and emotional job and is not a career that I would even begin to contemplate.

    Thanks for hosting Book Beginnings and have a good weekend.


  9. This does sound like a heavy book but an important one. I can see how sexual abuse victims would want to tell their story as a part of their healing process and be acknowledged.
    My Book Beginning is from GOODNIGHT NOBODY.

  10. You might shed a tear while reading this one. I'll bet it's very informative.

  11. Phew I'm glad you do the work that you do but that can't be easy!

  12. Is there a connection to sexual abuse as children themselves? Has anyone done that study on Priests? I am an adult whose pastor abused young boys in my congregation as I was growing up. I keep wondering what kind of childhood he had to do such a thing.


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