Friday, October 21, 2011

Opening Sentence of the Day: Where the Crooked River Rises

I ranched in the heart of Oregon's outback for nearly three decades.
-- from the Prologue to Where the Crooked River Rises: A High Desert Home by Ellen Waterston.

Waterston founded and leads the popular Bend, Oregon literary festival, The Nature of Words. She is also offers workshops and retreats for emerging writers at her Writing Ranch.

OSU Press sent this to me. I've been looking forward to it, in part because my parents live in Bend, in Oregon's High Desert.  

A Few More Pages hosts Book Beginnings every Friday.  The event is open for the entire week.


  1. The cover makes me want to be there. I've never been to Oregon (the whole northwest actually), the only part of the country I haven't seen and I'm itching to take a trip west.

  2. Lovely cover. Lovely opening.

  3. Oregon is such a pretty place, even in the high desert. I'm especially drawn to that beautiful cover.

    Thank you for participating in Book Beginnings! :)


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