Friday, August 26, 2011

Opening Sentence of the Day: Nine Simple Patterns

Silvia hoped her scissors were sharp enough.
-- Nine Simple Patterns for Complicated Women by Mary Rechner (nine short stories).

This adorable book came from a Portland publisher called Propeller Books and it is irresistible. Not only is the cover so vintage sassy, it is also a beautifully-made book, with thick, rough-cut pages and French flaps. French flaps. That is a trend in book binding that I support wholeheartedly.


The Book Gatherer said...

This book looks like an absolute gem and I have a friend who I'm sure would adore it. Right - that's one early Christmas present ticked off the list! Thank you!!!

Anne Bennett said...

Wow. It looks fun. I was thinking about the dresses my mother used to make without a patter, or rather, with a pattern she made herself. They ended up looking like the dresses on your cover.

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