Friday, November 5, 2010

Opening Sentence of the Day: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

"It happened every year, was almost a ritual."

-- The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson.

I would have gone with a semicolon myself, but who am I to flyspeck a mega-bestseller?

My book club is reading this and I am torn about what I think of it. It is not as graphic as I had feared, but still, my book club doesn't usually sit around discussing sadistic serial killers.

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  1. Would be curious to hear how your book group members react to this book. I found it 'bloody awful' (pun intended - I am not British).

  2. there are definitely some graphic scenes in this book...but I always felt those scenes were used convince the reader of the gravity of the problem. I don't want to say too much since ya'll are still reading...but the book is definitely worth hanging in :)

  3. I'm not sure I'd want to read this book... I'm not much for graphic serial killer type stuff. But it's been interesting reading the reactions to this book on various blogs. It certainly looks like a unique story line.

  4. helen -- My guess is that it will not sit well with most of my book club.

    Peppermint -- I finished it. It wasn't as graphic as I feared. It was very disturbing, but it didn't scare me. I avoid books that make me afraid. This one grossed me out, but more because the idea of what happened was so icky -- he didn't give details. Thank goodness. I think I will read the others, but I am not sure.

    Kate -- It depends on your level of tolerance. Like I said above, he does not go into gory details, but the subject matter is so sick that you could be grossed out just at the idea of it all.

  5. I would've debated, comma, semicolon, comma... and tossed a coin. But the comma looks better, so now my coin will be biassed.

  6. I know what you mean about the grammatical issue...I do that, too, sometimes, when I'm reading a book. (Hmm, now I would have done it this way!).

    I'm curious about this trilogy, especially now that we know there will be no more books from this author (deceased).

    But I still have a lot of others on my wish list!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Here's my beginning,just posted:

  7. My book club almost picked this one a few months ago. As much as I love this series, I am glad it wasn't chosen because I don't think it would have been a big hit.


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