Saturday, June 5, 2010

Opening Sentence of the Day: A Week in December

"Five o'clock and freezing."

-- A Week in December by Sebastian Faulks.

Grrrrrr . . . A book pet peeve of mine is opening sentences that are incomplete sentences. It may be irrational of me, but there you have it.

Good thing the story takes off right away. I am sucked in.

This book is on my LibraryThing Early Reviewer list. I am determined to get caught up on that list.


  1. I've been dying to read this since i saw it on the Librarythings list and didn't win it (I think I got Arcadia Falls instead. Still good.)

    Hope you enjoy it!

  2. It is very good so far -- it really sucked me in and I keep looking for time to spend with it.

  3. Glad your enjoying it, I have been eyeing this one up in the bookshop for a little while

  4. I understand how you feel about first sentences. But I really liked this book, I thought it was great. Hope you enjoy it.

  5. Jessica -- It's a good one. I have a couple of his books on my shelf, but this is the first one I've read. I like it.

    Shan -- Ever since I started recording the first sentences, I've noticed how many books start with incomplete sentences. It definitely bugs me. But not enough to detract from my enjoyment of this book.

  6. I feel similarly about incomplete sentences, but I'm glad to hear you've loving it. I have plans to read it soon!

  7. I am interested to see what you think of this one - I have it on the shelf to read.


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