Sunday, April 25, 2010

Review of the Day: A Small Fortune

Celia Donnelly comes from a long line of strong women with bad luck in husbands. Unfortunately for Celia, she has to learn of these family traits while fleeing kidnappers through the jungles of Mexico, roping her ex-lover into protecting her teenage son, and unraveling a complicated financial mystery.

Although A Small Fortune is her first published book, Audrey Braun writes like a pro, with none of the plot glitches or clunky dialog that plagues many a debut novel. Her literary style flows gracefully without weighing down the action or distracting from the story.

The only off note is the opening scene, which seems a little benign for the darker escapade to follow – more Anne Taylor than Mary Higgins Clark. But by page 30 or so, Braun has caught her stride and the story hurtles forward, never stopping until the exciting, satisfying finale. The plot becomes more complicated and layered as it progresses until the book is absolutely unputdownable.

This may fall in the category of "beach book," but don't wait for sun and sand to read this page-turner!

I got this book from the author, who is a friend and former neighbor of mine. I warned her that I wouldn't post a review if I didn't like the book, but I am pleased to not have to rely on this back-up plan. This book was completely enjoyable. It kept me up past my bedtime several nights in a row, because I didn't want to stop.

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  1. Oh, I love a good page turner!

  2. This one counts! It was exciting all the way through, but it got more complicated as it went on, so I never wanted to put it down.

  3. Could end up waiting forever for the sun, but I'll look out for this at the airport on our next trip.

  4. I just finished it the other day and was astounded that it was her first published work. Loved the story and really appreciated the skill of writing!


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