Thursday, December 10, 2009

Opening Sentence of the Day: How to Save Your Own Life

"I left my husband on Thanksgiving Day."

-- How to Save Your Own Life by Erica Jong.

After working diligently on my Guilt List for the last couple of weeks, I am treating myself to a book that I want to read for no reason other than the pure enjoyment of it. This is a sequel of sorts to Fear of Flying a book that I enjoyed way more than I thought I would.

As an extra bonus, this one is on the Anthony Burgess list of Top 99 novels, so I will make some headway on one of my lists. But I did not realize that until after I started reading it.


  1. I read these years ago and have always found them to be a guilty pleasures. Very fun read!

  2. Very fun! It's the Sex in the City prototype!

  3. I'm happy to find a few others who admit they enjoy reading Erica Jong! Haven't read the "Save Your Own Life" book yet, but I loved "Fear of Flying" when I read it back in the '70s.

  4. If I am not mistaken, a friend of mine from college days took that cover photo.

  5. Joy -- I'm a fairly new Jong fan, converted when I read FOF a couple of years ago. This one is also great.

    Thomas -- For real? It's a good picture. Cool.

  6. I read this book several times when it first came out. I thought it was wonderful, even better than FOF.


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