Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Opening Sentence of the Day: Paul Newman

. "America doesn't have a national epic, but Our Town might do in a pinch." -- Paul Newman: A Life by Shawn Levy. I've read two celebrity biographies in my life. Both autobiographies, actually: Evenings with Cary Grant and Lauren Bacall: By Myself. I've got Katharine Hepburn's Me sitting on my TBR shelf, and I really thought that would fill my lifetime quota. But then Shawn Levy came out with this: Who am I to resist a Hud-era shot of Paul Newman without a shirt? Wow. I got this one from the Internet Review of Books to do a review for the September issue. Since Levy is a Portland author, I'm hoping to post the review on Reading Local as well, as soon as IRB is finished with it. .


  1. Me too! Even more now that I am reading this book. It's packed with all kinds of details.

  2. oooh, I need to borrow. I saw an ad for this book when Shawn released it. Did you see in Sunday's paper the list of proposed books by Matt Love? I meant to ask you if you saw it when we were talking about music .. Satyricon was one of his proposed book topics. The two of us are the only people in Portland who wouldn't be able to write about it. I despised that place the 2x I went.

  3. Miss T -- I might put it on your Christmas list!

    I missed the list of Matt Love's proposed books. I know he is working on one about Paul Newman filming Sometimes a Great Notion here in Oregon. Sounds intriguing.

    I didn't know about a Satyricon book, although that doesn't surprise me because one of his essays in the Oregon 150th birthday book is about the Satyricon.

    Don't include me in your anti-fan club, though. I spent several years of my life there. There was a period of time in about 1987 when Marcella and I were there at least 5 nights a week -- including Open Mike Mondays, which inevitably sucked. I think we saw Mojo Nixon three times, which gives you an idea of the kind of hours we were clocking.

  4. I love books and book reviews. This seems to be a good place to meet some new ones! Thanks

  5. Hi!

    Your blog was nominated for a book blogger appreciation award (yay!!). Can you email me ( your email so we can send you more info??

    - Lu


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