Friday, August 7, 2009

Opening Sentence of the Day: Doctor Sally

. "The eighteenth hole at Bingley-on-Sea, that golfers' Mecca on the South Coast of England, is one of those freak holes -- a very short mashie-shot up a very steep hill off a tee screened from the clubhouse by a belt of trees." -- Doctor Sally by P. G. Wodehouse I may not be the devotee that Book Psmith is, in that I haven't dedicated my blog to P. G. Wodehouse books. But I could eat these up. Eventually, I will read them all. In a silly way, I avoid reading them because I don't want to use them up. He has 97 books or something. Even if I did read them all, by the time I did, I could start over and they would be fresh again. .


  1. Only Wodehouse could get me to read a book in which golf is central to the plot:)

  2. Ha, I ration them out as well, even though I also know it's illogical.


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