Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Author of the Day: David Lodge

David Lodge is a British author who writes substantive, entertaining novels about people coming to terms with the changing world, such as Londoners in WWII, Catholics facing Vatican II, and college professors braving the sexual revolution. His characters do not always find answers, but Lodge follows their quests with unrivaled intelligence and humor.

Lodge has also written nonfiction books, plays, and screenplays.

Of his fiction books, those I have read are in red. Those on my TBR shelf are in blue.

The Picturegoers (1960)

Ginger You're Barmy (1962)

The British Museum Is Falling Down (1965)

Out of the Shelter (1970)

Changing Places: A Tale of Two Campuses (1975)

How Far Can You Go? (1980) (winner of the Costa BOTY award; on Anthony Burgess's list of favorites; reviewed here)

Small World: An Academic Romance (1984)

Nice Work (1988)

Paradise News (1991)

Therapy (1995) (reviewed here)

The Man Who Wouldn't Get Up: And Other Stories (1998) (out of print)

Home Truths (1999) (reviewed here)

Thinks . . . (2001)

Author, Author (2004)

Deaf Sentence (2008) (reviewed here)


If others are reading David Lodge's books, please leave a comment with links to relevant posts and I will list them here or, if I've reviewed the book discussed, on the review page.

Last updated on June 28, 2012.


  1. Changing Places is the only one here I've read, but I've also dipped in and out of Lodge's The Art of Fiction.

  2. This is a new to me author that I will definitely have to check out.

  3. Glad to see you like David Lodge. I love his academic satire. He absolutely cannot be beat in that genre.

  4. JoAnn -- Now that I have read several of his novels, I really want to turn to his non-fiction. The Art of Fiction is one that sounds particularly interesting.

    Psmith -- He's not funny like Wodehouse, but an excellent writer.

    Bev -- I agree. His campus novels are excellent. Although, I also thought How Far Can You Go? was brilliant, and it isn't an academic novel. All good, I guess.


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