Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Author of the Day: F. Scott Fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald was my favorite author when I was a dreamy-eyed high school girl and read The Great Gatsby and Tender is the Night until the covers about fell off. I read all the novels and most of the short stories before graduation.

Lately, I have wondered if Fitzgerald's work would appeal to me as an adult the way it did as a teenager. Enough time has passed that, with the exception of Gatsby that I remember well, to read his books would be to read them anew. It may be time to give that a try.

Those I have read at least once are in red.


This Side of Paradise (1920)

The Beautiful and Damned (1922)

The Great Gatsby (1925)

Tender Is the Night (1934)

The Last Tycoon (published posthumously, 1942)

SHORT STORY COLLECTIONS (as published, with duplicates)

Flappers and Philosophers (1920)
  • "The Offshore Pirate"
  • "The Ice Palace"
  • "Head and Shoulders"
  • "The Cut-Glass Bowl"
  • "Bernice Bobs Her Hair"
  • "Benediction"
  • "Dalyrimple Goes Wrong"
  • "The Four Fists"
Tales of the Jazz Age (1922)
  • "The Jelly-Bean"
  • "The Camel's Back"
  • "May Day"
  • "Porcelain and Pink"
  • "The Diamond as Big as the Ritz"
  • "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"
  • "Tarquin of Cheapside"
  • "Oh Russet Witch!"
  • "The Lees of Happiness"
  • "Mr. Icky"
  • "Jemina"
All the Sad Young Men (1926) (hard to find)
  • "The Rich Boy"
  • "Winter Dreams"
  • "The Baby Party"
  • "Absolution"
  • "Rags Martin-Jones and the Pr-nce of W-les"
  • "The Adjuster"
  • "Hot and Cold Blood"
  • "The Sensible Thing""
  • "Gretchen's Forty Winks"
Taps at Reveille (1935)
  • "The Scandal Detectives"
  • "The Freshest Boy"
  • "He Thinks He's Wonderful"
  • "The Captured Shadow"
  • "The Perfect Life"
  • "First Blood"
  • "A Nice Quiet Place"
  • "A Woman with a Past"
  • "Crazy Sunday"
  • "Two Wrongs"
  • "The Night of Chancellorsville"
  • "The Last of the Belles"
  • "Majesty"
  • "Family in the Wind"
  • "A Short Trip Home"
  • "One Interne"
  • "The Fiend"
  • "Babylon Revisited"
Babylon Revisited and Other Stories (1960)
  • "The Ice Palace"
  • "May Day"
  • "The Diamond as Big as the Ritz"
  • "Winter Dreams"
  • "Absolution"
  • "The Rich Boy"
  • "The Freshest Boy"
  • "Babylon Revisited"
  • "Crazy Sunday"
  • "The Long Way Out"
The Pat Hobby Stories (1962)
  • "Pat Hobby's Christmas Wish"
  • "A Man in the Way"
  • "'Boil Some Water - Lots of It'"
  • "Teamed with Genius
  • "Pat Hobby and Orson Welles"
  • "Pat Hobby's Secret"
  • "Pat Hobby, Putative Father"
  • "The Homes of the Stars"
  • "Pat Hobby Does His Bit"
  • "Pat Hobby's Preview"
  • "No Harm Trying"
  • "A Patriotic Short"
  • "On the Trail of Pat Hobby"
  • "Fun in an Artist's Studio"
  • "Two Old-Timers"
  • "Mightier Than the Sword"
  • "Pat Hobby's College Days"
The Basil and Josephine Stories (1973)
  • That Kind of Party"
  • "The Scandal Detectives"
  • "A Night at the Fair"
  • "The Freshest Boy"
  • "He Thinks He’s Wonderful"
  • "The Captured Shadow"
  • "The Perfect Life"
  • "Basil and Cleopatra"
  • "First Blood"
  • "A Nice Quiet Place"
  • "A Woman with a Past"
  • "A Snobbish Story"
  • "Emotional Bankruptcy"
The Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald (1989)
  • "Head and Shoulders" (Feb. 1920)
  • "Bernice Bobs Her Hair" (May 1920)
  • "The Ice Palace" (May 1920)
  • "The Offshore Pirate" (May 1920)
  • "May Day" (July 1920)
  • "The Jelly-Bean" (Oct. 1920)
  • "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" (May 1922)
  • "The Diamond as Big as the Ritz" (June 1922)
  • "Winter Dreams" (Dec. 1922)
  • "Dice, Brassknuckles, & Guitar" (May 1923)
  • "Absolution" (June 1924)
  • "Rags Martin-Jones and the Pr-nce of W-les" (July 1924)
  • "The Sensible Thing" (July 1924)
  • "Love in the Night" (Mar. 1925)
  • "The Rich Boy" (Feb 1926)
  • "Jacob's Ladder" (Aug. 1927)
  • "A Short Trip Home" (Dec. 1927)
  • "The Bowl" (Jan. 1928)
  • "The Captured Shadow" (Dec 1928)
  • "Basil and Cleopatra" (Apr. 1929)
  • "The Last of the Belles" (Mar. 1929)
  • "Majesty" (July 1929)
  • "At Your Age" (Aug. 1929)
  • "The Swimmers" (Oct. 1929)
  • "Two Wrongs" (Jan. 1930)
  • "First Blood" (Apr. 1930)
  • "Emotional Bankruptcy" (Aug. 1931)
  • "The Bridal Party" (Aug. 1930)
  • "One Trip Abroad" (Oct. 1930)
  • "The Hotel Child" (Jan. 1931)
  • "Babylon Revisited" (Feb. 1931)
  • "A New Leaf" (July 1931)
  • "A Freeze-Out" (Dec. 1931)
  • "Six of One" (Feb. 1932)
  • "What a Handsome Pair!" (Aug. 1932)
  • "Crazy Sunday" (Oct. 1932)
  • "More Than Just a House" (June 1933)
  • "Afternoon of an Author" (Aug. 1936)
  • "Financing Finnegan" (Jan. 1938)
  • "The Lost Decade" (Dec. 1939)
  • "'Boil Some Water- Lots of It'" (March 1940)
  • "Last Kiss" (Apr. 1949)
  • "Dearly Beloved" (1969)

"Magnetism" (short story, 1928) (available to read on-line)

The Vegetable (play, 1923)

The Crack-Up (essays, 1945)


Last updated April 19, 2012.

If anyone else is reading all the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald and would like to keep track here, please leave a comment with a link to your progress report and I will add it to this post.


  1. I like Fitzgerald also. I haven't read much, but there's something about his writing. . .


  2. He wrote quite a bit. I didn't realize that he was so prolific. i didn't get him when I read him in high school and I hated the book. It went right over my head. I did enjoy re-reading it as an adult though.

  3. reading "Babylon Revisited" in college made me wish I was an expat writer in Paris in the 1920's. I still do.

  4. I re-read Gatsby not long ago and was astounded at how much better it was than I remembered. I'm all for teaching the greats in high school and college, but sometimes I think I was far too young to fully appreciate them.

  5. I loved Fitzgerald when I was in high school! The Great Gatsby was even better as an adult, and I've been wanting to revisit Tender is The Night for quite some time.

  6. Fitzgerald is still one of my favorite authors. The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books. I have also read many of his short stories. I have The Beautiful and the Damned, but haven't read it yet. I also have Tales of the Jazz Age.


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