Saturday, May 23, 2009

Opening Sentence of the Day: Nell Hill's Style at Home

"We do things a bit differently at Nell Hill's, my home furnishings and accessories store in Atchison, Kansas, population 11,000." -- Nell Hill's Style at Home by Mary Caroll Garrity. I don't know from Atchison, Kansas, but I plan to spend this long weekend feathering my nest and am looking for inspiration. The letterpress card used for the title caught my eye and the pictures inside are luscious.


  1. Do luscious photos include small dogs with long tongues?

  2. The should! Frances could be very luscious -- in a googly-eyed kind of way.

    Frances just missed her calling. She could have been a calendar puppy like Mr. Winkle.

  3. One click on that photo and how to reply?!! Corny expletives just ripped right out of our lips before we could stuff them back in! And, no, I'm not typing in the airy third person for no reason. I clicked and immediately hollered to my partner in bad taste. Worth sharing!


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