Friday, May 29, 2009

Opening Sentence of the Day: Advise and Consent

"When Bob Munson awoke in his apartment at the Sheraton-Park Hotel at seven thirty-one in the morning, he had the feeling it would be a bad day." -- Advise and Consent by Allen Drury Drury won the 1960 Pulitzer prize for this best selling novel about the Senate's consideration of a controversial candidate for Secretary of State. It is my Pulitzer pick for the Battle of the Prizes Challenge. At over 600 pages, it would also count for the Chunkster Challenge, had I signed up in time.


  1. Boy, it is a chunkster. I hope it's a good read.

  2. Wanted to stop in and let you know that your blog was mentioned as A Book Blogger’s New Discovery by Alvah’s Books.

  3. Tea -- the first 100 pages were a little dense as he introduced all the characters and set up the Senate hearings, but it is getting to be more interesting now that it is up and running.

    JK -- Thanks for the heads up! I'll take a look. And, you reminded me that I still have some review links to add on your 100+ Reading Challenge list.


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