Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 Challenges: Books Published in the First Years of My Life and the Birth Year Reading Challenge


Emma at Words and Peace is hosting the Books Published in the First Years of My Life Challenge. I am signing up for the Toddler level to read three books published in the first three years of my life. 

Click on the button or the link above to go to the main challenge page for details and to sign up.

It overlaps with the Birth Year Reading Challenge on Hotchpot Cafe, but with more years.


The Comedians by Graham Green (reviewed here; for the Graham Greene Challenge);

May We Borrow Your Husband by Graham Greene (reviewed here; also for the graham Greene Challenge).


Updated December 26, 2012. I fell one book short of the First Years Challenge and only got one candle for the Birth Year Challenge.  Not so great, although I really enjoyed both of the books I read.


  1. This new look is fantastic! I love the pic,,,,,,and the tabs!!!!!

  2. Sorry..............."unknown" is Mom

  3. Kathy: Thanks! I've had mixed luck with my birth year books the last couple of years, so hopefully these will be better.

    Mom: Thanks. ;-)

  4. This is a cool challenge I'd never heard before. Thanks.


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