Saturday, September 11, 2010

Challenge: Daphne du Maurier

WRAP-UP: I only read two of the three books I signed up to read: Rebecca (reviewed here) and My Cousin Rachel, which I didn't review.  I enjoyed my introduction to du Maurier and plan to read several more of her books.  I added several to my TBR shelves during this challenge. Added January 9, 2012.

ORIGINAL SIGN-UP: Not that I need another book challenge, but the Daphne du Maurier Challenge hosted by Chris at book-a-rama looks like fun.  And it runs through April 19, 2011, so I have plenty of time.

But the real reason I am signing up now is because I can count Rebecca as my first book. I just read it and posted my review.  It was my first du Maurier book ever, even though several (at least nine, according to LibraryThing) have been sitting on my TBR shelf for decades.

I am signing up for the "Dreaming of Manderley" category: "Participants in this category, will read 3 of Daphne du Maurier's larger works, her novels or non-fiction. You can also count a collection of her short stories as one book."


Since I am still new to du Maurier, I'll start with the greatest hits:
  1. Rebecca (reviewed here); 
  2. The Flight of the Falcon; and
  3. My Cousin Rachel.


  1. Good luck. You would have to mention this on your blog, wouldn't you? Now I'm going to have to sign up to...I just can't resist a good reading challenge. :-)

  2. Thanks for joining! I really enjoyed My Cousin Rachel so I hope you will too. I have Flight of the Falcon in my TBR pile. Hope it's good!

  3. Loved both Rebecca and My Cousin Rachel, have never read Flight of the Falcon-will have to get on that!!


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